Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Eating Salad

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Sometimes I get so sick of salad that I want to throw it across the room instead of tossing it gently on my plate. Pretty much every day I have a big salad for a main meal at either lunch or dinner. I feel virtuous when I snarf it down even when what I really want are chocolate muffins or bread – I simply adore bread and would eat it by itself for a meal, even though that isn't very sensible and doesn't stick with me at all.  Protein, there's the ticket.

Today's salad consists of mixed greens, 1/2 C. black bean/corn salsa (homemade), 5 oz. spicey tuna, 1/3 C. roasted vegetables, 1 Tb. blue cheese, 1 Tb. craisins, and 5 wasabi peas.  It's a ton of food and I ate every bit of it because I was hungry and because it was there.  The different flavors are good together.  If I have to eat a stupid salad, at least it can taste interesting.

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