Advice from Arlene

I have a fabulous WW leader named Arlene who sends out weekly emails to help keep us motivated and interested. Sometimes she sends recipes, other times tips or food for thought. She generously gave me permission to post them here from time to time. Maybe they will be helpful to someone else as well. Here's a recent one:

The funny thing about losing weight is that even after you've done it, you still need to work it. I've been thinking about the little stuff that keeps me honest and in control and still doing program. Here are some things that work for me. I'd love to hear from you about what you need to do to stay on program.

1. Skipping meals is a bad thing. When I get really hungry I'll eat anything and everything, and too much of it.

2.The same thing goes for breakfast. If I skip breakfast I have the hungry horrors all day.

3. Exercise makes me more aware of my body. I read the label on a candy bar while standing in the checkout line at the market. Then I figure out how long I'd have to stay on the treadmill to burn off those calories. I put the candy bar back.

4. When I'm going to splurge on something, I make sure it is really tastes fabulous. I don't want to eat something that is just okay. I'll spend extra points on great food, not just average food.

5. It's not just about the scale, it's how my clothes fit. If my clothes feel tight, I feel cranky.

6. When I'm in a restaurant or someone's home, I eat half of what is served to me. Unless it is a drop dead gourmet restaurant because then the portions are very small.

7. I'm well aware of foods that trigger me to overeat. Although I am always surprised when I need to add new ones to my repertoire.

Today my need for a treat was satisfied with Trader Joe's low fat chocolate meringue cookies in a tub. (not a self fulfilling prophesy I hope) I had two cookies for one point, they are very sweet, crunchy and of course chocolate. What works for you?"