Blue bear and me

I was in Denver last week for a conference, and was enchanted by this giant blue bear that peers into the glass front of the convention center. See that little tiny person by the foot? It's me! Too bad I can't hang out near a big blue bear all the time, it was great for scale 🙂

Conferences mean eating out for every meal and that can be dangerous. Denver has wonderful restaurants and I found myself hanging out having drinks even when a glass of wine is usually a rare thing in my life. I did better with the food choices than I certainly could have done had I not been thinking about it at all, but I know there were better choices I could have made a lot of the time.

Coming home I was wedged into a seat on a nonstop flight in a window seat next to a very large guy in the middle seat who spilled over. We were touching hip to knee the whole time which was uncomfortable and awkward for us both, and I found myself thinking that my reaction to him was how other people react to sitting next to me. Sigh. If only there was a way to wave a little wand and just be in the other place without having to fly there. At least I didn't have to ask for a seatbelt extension – that's humiliating.