Big body/small life

My friend Frances said something in her blog yesterday that stopped me in my tracks:

"PenguinsI'm tired of a big body & small life. When I had a small body I was looking for a big life through shopping & boyz. It's time to aim for a medium life while I walk through this precious time left in my big body. It has lessons for me. Maybe lessons I have to learn while watching the penguins."

Yeah, I'd say that hits the nail on the head. There is so much said in these few words. And yes, this sums it up for me, for many of us – though certainly not all. When my body gets bigger, I find my life gets smaller because I am less comfortable going out, being seen, finding clothes that are right. I don't know if I will fit in the seats at the theater or the ballpark. I love to travel but hate being squished into the seats of a plane. My big body, and my attitude about it, has given me a small life.

I'm tired of mine, too. I can't even contemplate a small body/big life. But aiming for a medium life? Yeah, that is realistic. First I needed to be hit over the head to see those words for the wakeup. It's also true that there are lessons to be learned still while in I'm the body I have. Lessons of the heart, the spirit, the body, of life.

Do I know what it means for me yet? No. But it's time to start looking for small ways to open up the life that I have.