Turning into a duck

Rubber duckThe only saving grace about all this rain – and it's not really anything I'm holding on to with great comfort – is that if this was snow, the houses would be buried. It has rained every single day for over a week this time, and since the beginning of May just six weeks ago, we've gotten TWENTY INCHES of rain. This is ridiculous. It's cold and gray and wet and I'm sick of it. I know the grass is green and all of that crap because we have the rain, but really, I want to go out walking without a coat and umbrella ONCE this summer. Before we have to use them again for fall. Summer is such a fleeting season here, don't take it away from me.

I was thinking this morning as I made my bed and listened to the rain outside how glad I was that I just live here and wasn't visiting on vacation. Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars to come to Cape Cod for a week in the summer and have it pour rain the whole time? This shows you how little I actually GO on vacation or I'd be more familiar with the concept of being rained on for these things. People do have perfectly good vacations in wet weather, I just feel bad for those who are expecting to sit on the beach. They would both freeze and be drenched so far this summer.

A good day to stay inside and read or sew or watch a movie or sort out that pile of stuff that needs to go to Goodwill. Not to mention sitting under my Natural Daylight lamp to try and compensate, just a little, and pretend I'm not turning into a duck.