Spaghetti Pie

I used to make the original WW version of this years ago from an old cookbook but didn't know how it translated to points or Core. Arlene sent out this version last night – looks yummy!

Serves 6 as a main dish
7 points per serving or it is Core if you adapt according to my notes

1/2 pound spaghetti or linguini (use whole wheat for Core)
2 large eggs or equiv. amount of “egg beaters”
15 ounce container of part skim ricotta cheese (use fat free for Core)
½ cup grated Parmesan cheese (fat free for Core)
1 ¼ cup marinara sauce
½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese

(I added a package of cooked grilled chicken strips from Traders Joe’s for protein. I cut the chicken into chunks. This is Core. If you count points add one more point for the chicken)

Break spaghetti in half. Cook spaghetti according to directions, al dente. Drain.
Spray a 9 or 10 inch pie plate. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees
In a large bowl beat eggs. Then add in ricotta and ½ cup parmesan cheese. Mix well.
Add cooked spaghetti to ricotta mix; stir until spaghetti is well coated.
Put in pie plate, smoothing the top.
Top with the marinara sauce, coating evenly
Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese
Bake pie 35 minutes until bubbly and crusty on top

Remove from oven and let stand 10 minutes. This will make cutting into wedges much easier.

This can easily be made the day before, just don’t top with the marinara and cheese until you get ready to pop it into the oven. Warm to room temperature before going in the oven.

Serve this with a big salad and some roasted asparagus.