Got cow?

The CowParade has come to Boston, and I didn't know anything about it until I almost literally ran into a big fiberglass cow painted with a map of the Boston MBTA system. I love the cows and had this big grin on my face every time I walked down a block closer to my destination and found another one, decorated a different way.  There are 117 cows scattered around Boston on display through early September, and then they'll be auctioned off to benefit the Jimmy Fund.

Swiss Cows in GruyereI saw my first cows when I was in Gruyere with my mom in 2001. On a quiet hillside overlooking a lake, behind a building of some kind (I'm fuzzy on this part), there was a whole herd of them!  The whole Cows on Parade thing started in Switzerland in 1998 and has caught on like wild fire – there's something very happy-making about these cows (big lifesize cows, mind you, not little dinky ones) painted wild and crazy patterns and with themes such as Elvis or "Cash Cow" or "Moooochas Gracias."

I definitely need to take camera in hand and go hunting for cows this weekend. I'll post some pics when I have them.  I have a map!  Coming to Boston this summer?  Be sure to see the cows and have your picture taken with them – maybe we'll see each other.  I'll be the one with the big goofy grin on my face and my arm around a gaudy happy cow.