Clean Sweep, Office Edition

CleanerI am addicted to Clean Sweep on TLC and am good about going through things at home to eliminate clutter and unncessary piles of the crap that just accumulates when I have my backed turned.  Books are a culprit but so are clothes that are arrayed in puddles of color divided up by size – the ones for now, the ones I used to be able to wear last year and still like enough to try to get back into, the ones for cold weather in assorted sizes.  The ones I used to wear but never really liked go in a bag for Goodwill. 

Work, however, is usually a mess. Our office is in an ugly and not always functional 1960's building that won design awards for someone who never had to work in it.  Storage space is remarkably limited, the furniture is mostly old and mismatched, and paper and clutter and unwanted chairs multiply like rabbits at night when we go home and close the door, leaving the place to the mice.

Today we declared Cleaning Day and were basically closed for business to everyone else except for urgent business.  I stocked up on cleaning supplies and healthy snacks – fruit and yogurt bars, 100-calorie snack packs – and brought lively tunes with me for motivation. You can't beat Motown. All 10 of us spent the day cleaning, sorting, piling, weeding, dumping, rearranging furniture, filling up both big recycle bins on the floor and overflowing the blue construction bin (for serious garbage) three times. 

We gave ourselves a break for pizza at lunch, with salad and fruit and homemade brownies, made by yours truly.  I treated the staff rather than ask them to chip in, as a thank you for their hard work. At the end of the day, the air was redolent with lemon disinfectant and surfaces were clean and organized.  We were pretty grubby looking ourselves but satisfied to have made such visible progress. 

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