Sounds of morning

Tranquil morningI am not really a morning person – waking up takes me a little time.  For years I would wake up to a clock radio playing adult contemporary music (which is a weird way to describe the eclectic mix) and keep the radio on while I blundered through my morning routine. I really am a creature of habit there; things happen in the same order or I stand in the middle of the living room and wonder what's going on and what I'm supposed to do.  I shower, make my bed, and then eat breakfast while reading the paper online before doing my hair, making lunch and getting dressed.

The last few weeks, though, I've gradually changed that routine – not what I do or the order I do it, but the soundtrack behind it.  I still wake up to music but then the radio clicks off and I listen to the silence.  It's a lot easier with the sun coming up at 5:07 a.m. – I actually am willing to get up in the first place when the clock goes off.  This morning the sweet smell of freshly mown grass filled my nose as I nibbled my breakfast (yogurt and peanutbutter and honey half sandwich) and I heard the distant whine of the golfcourse lawnmowers.  Birds chirped loudly right outside my window and I could hear the crunch of footsteps as early risers moved past my building on their way to their cars. A soft rustling of leaves as a breeze came through made me look outside, distracting my eyes from the solitaire game.

It actually recharges me to spend this quiet time in the morning and I'm starting to do it at the end of the day as well, to unwind and settle my spirit. How do you start your mornings?

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  1. This post caught my eye. I just started a journal on earlier this week. I am feeling the need to journal lately and this format seems like a good idea. Right now, I am just journaling privately, for myself. This morning, my entry into my journal was about how I’ve been starting my mornings, so I thought I’d share this with you. I love this time of the year and although I never used to like being an early riser, most days, due to my work schedule, I am up early. This tme of the year I love to make my coffee and sit on my glider, out on my front porch for about 15 minutes or so. (I’m not that early of a riser… so ususally don’t have much more than that to spare!) It’s so peaceful early in the morning. I can look over the railing at my small front yard which I turned into a garden about 15 yrs. ago, when I bought this house. I have a few plants on my front porch and those, combined w/the flowers in the garden, greet me with some wonderful scents. I watch the neighborhood dog owners taking their pets out for their morning stroll. I think about the day ahead and all I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, with all the rain we’ve been having, my mornings have been few and far between to sit out there much!

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