Comenclature Cow in BostonMy feet are tired but my heart is happy – I spent most of today hunting (and finding) big painted cows! There were lots of people on the quest with me and we shared notes about where to find which cows and took pictures of each other with smiles on our faces. You simply can't look at these cows and not be happy. I finally had to stop when I had to go to a hair appointment – and besides, the camera had run out of battery power. But I have my map and I will be back to hunt them in another area. I have a bunch of pictures up on Flickr – check them out!

One thought on “Cowmenclature

  1. I did a search for my cow and came upon your photos. I am the artist who did the “dic•tion•ar•y cow” for CowParade Boston. Thanks for visiting my little cow and taking such nice pics of her! If you are interested in viewing some photos of the making of Cowleen (my name for her), please visit my The Cow photos are in the AHD Cow album.

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