Ahhhh, massage

It’s been a week of very long days hunched over a computer, doing a website conversion. I love working with the data and managing the information part, but the actual dumping of content into new templates is a rather repetitive process. By the end of Friday I was noticing very tight muscles in my butt (from sitting), my shoulder and neck (which felt as though they were burning) and from mousing all day every day, my forearm muscles felt like little strung beads. Not happy-making.

Ahhh, massageWhat I needed was a massage, for body, mind and spirit, but they can be hard to get on short notice. I was thrilled to discover that my favorite massage therapist had an opening for today and signed up quick like a bunny before someone else got there. While I was on the gym’s website, I also signed up for an eyebrow wax and decided I’d spend time on the treadmill in between.

I hadn’t been to the gym in a while and it was hopping today, since it was raining AGAIN and people were doing their workouts indoors instead of doing outside things. I got my eyebrows tidied up, then spent 35 minutes on the treadmill – which proved to be more uncomfortable than I expected. When I walk, I listen to the ipod (today was an eclectic mix of 70’s rock) and read – today I also held on, because my knee was hurting a lot.

I’ve learned that I get more out of a massage if I work out first to warm up the muscles, then sit in the whirlpool for a bit. That is not exactly a hardship because I adore the whirlpool, sitting in the hot water in front of the jets and feeling some of the muscle tension melt away. I didn’t use it for ages when I first joined the gym because I didn’t want to be naked in front of all the cute normal people. Then I hit on the idea that taking my glasses off would mean I couldn’t see anyone else, therefore they couldn’t see me. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. But it does mean I’m not very self-conscious, and the whirlpool is worth it.

The massage therapist concentrated on my sore places while doing a complete body massage. I’m usually quiet, concentrating on listening to my body’s response to the pressure and breathing into it through some mild pain. As usual, Brenda found lots of very tender spots that I didn’t even know I had, including inflammation in my legs and in both knees – well, those I expected. We decided that doing future treadmill and extensive walking was not a good idea for me before my surgery, and that I should concentrate on upper body work instead.

It was good to be back there, to remind myself why I joined, that there are things I can do to feel feminine and healthy and more comfortable – and part of a community. Even with my sore knee, it’s a place that I can’t afford to ignore.

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