Rarin’ to go

St. Louis What do 3,000 law librarians have in common? Besides, you know, being law librarians? (And smart and great to look at, of course.) We’re on our way to our national conference in St. Louis for a week of fun and education and meetings out the whazoo. I put my schedule together and couldn’t believe that once again I have so many things I need to attend all going on at the same time in different places – it happens every year!

And then there are educational programs that sound so interesting, and the exhibit hall, which is essential to visit to keep up with what’s going on with the vendors and products in the field. There will be socializing on a big scale (dessert reception with a chocolate fountain and other decadent chocolate things for the whole group) and a small scale (a dinner with my best friends that we always manage to work into the schedule no matter what). I won’t be bored but my feet might hurt and there’s a real danger that I could eat more than is wise.

My bags are packed which sounds ominously like I’m taking my whole closet, but really I just have a suitcase, my computer case which is weighed down with files, and my sleep apnea CPAP machine. For once I’m not on a 6:30 a.m. flight, and I’ve already appreciated the extra time to wake up on a normal schedule and remember the things I forgot to pack last night. I still need to make a run to the cable company and swap out a defective box which died yesterday (no fireworks for me) and then I’m off.

I’ll post when I can but things will likely be skimpy for the next week. Carry on amongst yourselves.