View from a plane

Circuit BoardUsually when I fly I have an aisle seat, but on the flight out this week I sat by the window.  Instead of reading my murder mystery, I spent a lot of time looking out the window at the little things down on the ground.  Flying over farmland is very different than looking down at heavily populated areas – I saw beautiful deep green squares almost like a quilt with little bitty white blobs that suddenly occurred to me were actually houses.  But what it really looked like to my computer-obsessed brain was a circuit board.

The clouds were white and puffy but there were period of flying through them where there was nothing to see but white, flying blind.  The pilots knew what they were doing and I learned later that others heading this way ended up with cancelled or delayed flights due to weather.  But I had an easy flight and a clear view of a world bigger than what I usually see.  I rarely just sit and look out a window and it was restful for the eyes as well as the spirit.