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Update from the road


Gateway Arch, St. LouisYesterday on the exhibit floor a friend came up behind me and started singing, “You are my inspiration.” When I turned around, I saw a much thinner person than the one I had last seen a few years ago. She said that she had been inspired by my weight loss and last year after seeing her lack of stamina and discomfort level in the heat of our conference city, finally hit her “aha!” point. She joined WW and has lost 57 lbs over the last year. It was bittersweet that she found her inspiration in me, when I’ve lost some of my own over the same period.

It’s hard to manage eating when you’re at a conference. There is food everywhere, especially buffet lines, and it’s so easy to let things get out of hand. This morning my 7am breakfast meeting included a buffet of sweet rolls and bagels, scrambled eggs, Ozark pepper bacon, fresh fruit, little boxes of cereal, and juice. The lunch meeting had another buffet, this one with green salad, potato salad, pasta salad, sandwiches, and little chocolate cup fruit tart things – before we went to the exhibit hall for a dessert break with ice cream. I didn’t have to eat everything and I didn’t, but I admit that I ate a lot of it. And I ate a lot yesterday, and the day before.

I did not, however, eat a chocolate piano filled with mousse at the all-dessert reception on Sunday. It looked divine and I took a picture of a whole row of little pianos, but I didn’t eat one.

I’m trying to balance enjoying myself, going to a billion meetings, seeing friends, learning things, taking care of my knee, drinking water, being productive, getting sleep. I’m managing to get a bit of walking in by going back and forth between the assorted buildings where we have our meetings and programs, and lugging heavy tote bags filled with files and exhibit giveaway loot counts for weights, I think.

One more full day here and then it’s time to go home. I want to be back in the routine that is safe but I will miss being pulled into new thinking and new perspectives. I will not, however, miss the 7am meetings.

4 thoughts on “Update from the road

  1. It’s nice, rewarding and yet a bit awkward being someone’s inspiration I would imagine. And to know your own struggles does make it bittersweet. But you are doing a good job of walking, taking care of yourself, and yes, eating a conference is very hard. You should remember the things that you turned down. Those pianos sound beautiful but I don’t think honestly that they would taste all that great. Mass production, etc. might take some of the taste out of it.

    It’s good to get out of your routine once in a while but it’s also good to be home and doing what you normally do. I think one other reason this isn’t as much fun is the lack of control you have over what’s being presented to you foodwise and the lack of time to really take care of yourself.

  2. Cool update — I know what you mean about conference food. They have to keep people feeling like it’s a party and not work, and they do it with goodies.

    I had to look on Flickr for the choclate piano, didn’t find it — but you are a strong woman to not eat it!


  3. Hey Jen – try now to see the chocolate pianos. I couldn’t get the pics up until I got home 🙂

  4. How cute! I think you picked the perfect way to “devour” them — now you can enjoy them anytime. They probably looked way better than they tasted anyway.

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