Barely awake

I am not a morning person on the best of days but this is ridiculous.  I’m writing this from the airport waiting for a flight out to the family reunion at 6:00 a.m., which is early enough. But these are not normal times for people driving around Boston – last week a ceiling panel in one of the Big Dig tunnels fell on a car and killed a woman on her way to the airport. Suddenly the Dig went from local joke for its problems to a reminder to us all of how dangerous it really is to drive through tunnels and trust engineering and construction to keep us safe.  The new tunnels to the airpot are closed while being investigated both as a crime scene and for what repairs are needed.   In the meantime, traffic is snarled everywhere and we’ve gotten dire warnings not to drive in this direction.

Taxicabs on an empty streetBut how do I get to the airport for a 6am flight without being in a vehicle?  The T doesn’t run that early even if I felt like lugging my stuff up hill 1.5 miles to the end of one subway line, take it to the end, change trains, go to the airport, change to a shuttle bus, and find my terminal.  If all I had was a little bag, it might work but not with the suitcase, computer, and CPAP machine.  No, a taxi was necessary.  But I didn’t want to pay through the nose for it.

So I arranged to be picked up at 3:00 a.m. which is god-awful early.  I did get a little sleep but not a lot and feel spaced out even with my bottle of Diet Pepsi (I’m a cold caffeine person and even Starbucks isn’t open yet – it’s only 4:45 a.m. as I type).  The streets were almost completely deserted on the way to the airport in an almost eerie way after watching the news reports of clogged roads, detours and horrendous delays.  We only saw a few other vehicles, all other cabs, all headed to the airport, as we sped through dark streets. Out of a handful of buildings, but only a few, windows gleamed with warm light and I wondered about who else was up so early.

The airport is busy considering there are no flights yet.  People were waiting at 3:30 for the ticket agents to open up – obviously I wasn’t the only person not wanting to miss a flight because of traffic.  The airline people seemed to be annoyed that we were in their way while they were setting up those little mazes of poles and black webbing that keeps us in line for check in.  I don’t know where they wanted us to BE, but it wasn’t where we actually were.  Too bad.

Starbucks is open.  Time to get something else, take a little walk, and try to wake up a bit more before I get on the plane.  It’s a long day today on very little sleep but at least I’m on my way and not home sleeping through the clock, which would have been way too easy to do.  I am so not a morning person.