What I’ve Been Reading

What’s on your reading pile? I just finished three very different books in the last week what with traveling and time on planes to while away. All are highly recommended, for different reasons:

  • The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova, tells a long and beautifully structured tale of the search for the historical Drakula aka Vlad the Impaler. The action moves across borders and through time told mainly through a series of letters, but believe me, there is plenty of action, with librarians playing featured roles (I love it when that happens). This is an intelligent book that will make you think – make sure you have a silver crucifix and cloves of garlic handy.
  • The Madonnas of Leningrad, by Debra Dean, is a searing portrait of war and remembrance, weaving the World War II story of the siege of Leningrad and the present. Marina, then a tour guide at the Heritage Museum, is now slipping into Alzheimers and losing her hold on who she is. Her carefully constructed “memory palace” helped her preserve the art through the horror of war, but how can she cope with losing everything?
  • Sleeping With Fear, by Kay Hooper, is the third installment in Hooper’s Fear trilogy, all featuring members of Noah Bishop’s FBI Special Crimes Unit. Riley Crane is the unit’s expert with the occult but her “spider sense” and memories are Swiss cheese now. I adore all of the books in this series (and there are many), with the elements of the paranormal that are taken for granted. Fast paced and a fast read.