It’s too hot

Hot sunI do not like being hot. And I really REALLY do not like being hot with oppressive humidity that hits me like a wall of heat smacking me in the face, making me have to swim upstream just to move from place to place. There are serious reasons why I moved away from Houston and the heat/humidity rank right up there on the list.

For the last two weeks, looking at the weather map of the country has been a study in red. All of those little barametric swirls and flows all over the country were in bright red for 90+ with little blobs of pink here and there for 100+ temperatures. It’s hard to believe this has lasted as long as it has over such a wide area and it’s hard to complain when I have air conditioning.  Although the office version is not working particularly well – it was 82 all day and felt like a sauna. I hated being in the office and I was there until 7pm.

I’m ready for it to stop now, please.