Guilty pleasure

Rock Star Supernova logoI have become addicted to “Rock Star: Supernova” – which totally baffles me because I can’t stand Tommy Lee, don’t like metal music, and think most of it is a soundtrack to the absurd.  The premise is 15 rockers auditioning to front the new group Supernova, being formed by Tommy Lee on drums (fomerly of Motley Crue), Gilby Clarke (guitar, formerly of Guns and Roses), and Jason Newsted (guitar, formerly of Metallica).  They are so super that they haven’t created any music together yet, but they are Supernova.  I love the anagram that the folks at Television Without Pity have given them – SuavePorn, which sort of fits.  Most of the dialogue/comments from the group seem to be sexual innuendo or interspersed with “man” every other word.  Jason is the exception; he’s incredibly musical and perceptive and I’m liking him a lot.

The wannabe rockstars are all over the place. Mostly they are flat and/or screaming.  Some of them wear very weird outfits that don’t do much for me (but then, they’re not trying to impress me).  In the absence of a back catalog of good music from the group they are working to front, they are covering songs from other groups, not all that well much of the time.  But I’m mesmerized by the train wreck.

The House Band is awesome.  I don’t care much if SuavePorn never actually performs – I’d go hear the house band because they can do anything.  I wouldn’t sit up too close, though, because I value my ear drums.

Then to make things even better, there is the Television Without Pity forums and recaps of the show.  I don’t post there but I do read, and I love seeing people’s snarky comments about the performers in minute detail, especially since I missed most of what they are obsessing about in my obliviousness to the metal genre.  Much to my delight,  Paul from the House Band posted to the boards, adding a great deal to my understanding of what they deal with.  I admire them even more.

Do I care about SuperNova?  Nope. Do I believe this show is on two nights a week?  Nope. Am I watching it anyway?  Yes.  I don’t vote, I don’t tape, I don’t really appreciate all of it.  But I like Jason and making fun of T.Lee (who is way older than he is pretending he is), and some of these wannabes actually can sing.  The TWoP boards are favoring Dilana, Storm, and Magni at the moment (I think – it depends what you read).  We’ll see what happens.  I don’t really care but it makes a change of pace from watching Simon, Randy and Paula bicker.  They look so cleancut in comparison to these over the hill rockers.  Uh, because they are.