Taking my measure

Measuring tapesThere are other ways to track progress than looking at what the scale says. Sometimes it doesn’t go anywhere or moves slowly or (god forbid) goes up instead of down. But if we are working the program, whatever the program is, eventually the weight will come off.

Eventually can be slow. So another way to track the progress besides pounds is inches. I used to take my measurements once a month and then every two weeks, to give me some different numbers to be happy about when the pounds were stuck. I haven’t really done this in a systematic way in a long time, mostly because I was not very happy with the results. But I regret not doing it.

Taking measurements doesn’t change my body’s size. It doesn’t make me magically smaller or bigger. But taking them regularly and recording that in a standard way, as information and not as a judgment, lets me see how I’m doing. They are hard data, not just “oh, these pants are too tight” or “this sweater must have shrunk in the wash.” And if I’m ordering something online, I can figure out what size to order.

No, I’m not going to tell you what my measurements are. But I am going to commit to taking them once a month. I need the discipline of doing it, getting a hold on my progress, remembering that there are consequences for those eclairs and cookies that go in and gym visits that don’t get made.

My goal is to get to the fall season clothes change and not have to buy any new clothes just to have something that fits. I have plenty in the closet, I just need to get back into them again.