Checking in

It was a busy day today. My first day back at work after two weeks off for medical leave was hard because my body clock had shifted completely. I’d gotten into the rhythm of 3:00 dates with Dr. Phil and sleeping until I woke up, taking little walks to the pond and reading until it’s time for a nap or doing my exercises. Now I’m back to a rigid schedule and a full desk of things that piled up in my absence and relearning that I need to go to sleep (not just bed) by 10pm so I get enough sleep to wake up at 6am. Yawn.

Physical Therapy - not my therapist or meI had physical therapy today, too. My knee is progressing nicely for two weeks post-op with good flexibility and strength, although there is still some swelling and kneecap stiffness. Duh, it was operated on, what do I expect of it? The therapist said that using the Cryo/cuff those first few days did help speed the healing, just as advertised, so I guess it was worth $150. My quads are a lot stronger than the last time I went through this surgery and it’s paying off in my ability to do the exercises. The therapy form asked me, “What is your goal for physical therapy?” which is a good question, though I suppose “getting better” isn’t quite enough answer. I want to be able to walk comfortably, do stairs, and be able to do the bike for additional cardio, something I haven’t been able to do in years. Those apparently are reachable goals 🙂

To top off the day I went to my WW meeting. I told Arlene as we were helping to set up that no matter what the scale said this week, I was happy because after having my 85-point-meltdown-day last Tuesday, I’d strung together SIX DAYS of being on program. That was something to celebrate and I got hugs (which were appreciated – I’m big on hugs). It was a bonus but not really a surprise to get on the scale and see that I lost 2.6 lbs this week. It’s amazing but actually following the program produces results, and it didn’t kill me to do it.

There are some food challenges coming up this week: a school-wide picnic tomorrow with burgers and corn, pizza lunch on Wednesday, and dinner out on Thursday with my cousin. I need to think about my options and things I do have control over. I can do salads and something light for the meals and enjoy the company and not just focus on the food. Knowing these things and doing them are not the same thing but I don’t want to mess up this little string of days that I’m building because they represent control over the chaos.