So much for PT

I’ve had one physical therapy appointment – Monday – for my evaluation and to plan out what we’ll do during my rehab.  I made 5 more appointments including one tomorrow morning at 8am before work because I already had plans the other days.  On my way home late today I was figuring out how to manage all the morning things in time to make the appointment.  Not being a morning person, I need to get all this scoped out in advance, especially when I’m doing things out of order.

But I came home to a message on the answering machine from PT office saying they’d missed me at my appointment (that I didn’t even know I had today) and hoped I was okay.  Now I’m annoyed.  I had things to do today and told them I couldn’t make an appointment for today in the first place – and since I missed an appointment with less than the required 24 hours notice, I now have to pay them $60.00.  I know that’s the charge, I understand I’m responsible, but I’m seriously annoyed.  I’m not sure if I will also actually lose an appointment because I didn’t show up today.  Sigh.

I’ll call the PT tomorrow and see what I can do but mostly I’m feeling stupid and behind and stressed.  The knee, fortunately, is in relatively good shape until I try to sleep and roll over and hit it.  That usually wakes me up and something I’m hoping will settle down with a bit more time.