Motivational advice

My WW Arlene sent this out to her list this week.  Worth pondering:

Here’s a startling statistic that I just read to the September-October issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. (By the way, this is a wonderful magazine, I always feel very motivated while reading it)

“65 % of Americans know that the TV show, “American Idol” has three judges. Yet only 8% are aware of the link between being overweight and developing cancer, according to an American Cancer Society poll.”

We are obviously in that 8%. And now we know we can lessen the risks of cancer by getting to an appropriate weight. And feel good and be proud, and look great.

Let’s refocus, set a new timeline, begin some new healthy habits, revisit behavior that was getting you a weight loss and ENJOY the PROCESS. You win when you lose!!!

Have a low point/Core kind of week.

2 thoughts on “Motivational advice

  1. I’m not sure that overweight people are unaware of the risks and problems — I think everyone is more than willing to tell us. I think that knowing that something is bad for you and doing something about it are two different things. Sometimes I think all the health scare statistics have the opposite effect — “Oh well, I probably already screwed it up, so why stop now?”

    Just look at all the smokers in the world — it’s not that they’re dumb, they know smoking is bad, quitting is just hard.

    I totally agree with you that enjoying and learning from the process is the key. I love the recipes in WW magazine and in the cookbooks, and if I hadn’t joined WW I wouldn’t have tried them. So that’s definitely one big plus.

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