Quiet before the storm

SpiderwebIt was a cold raw wet day in Boston today and we wore sweaters and even jackets. I left my beloved pink thong sandals at home because yesterday my toes turned into little ice cubes in my office, and it turned out to be a good decision as the inside temp hovered about 64. I do not work well when I am freezing.

This is the quiet time before the chaos starts. The halls are beginning to bustle with clone-like students in their Armani suits on their way to job interviews, trying to bag the best firms for next summer. Things start early in law school! Classes haven’t started yet, there’s still registration and orientation to go this week first. And the rest of campus is quiet and expectant. More and more people are around, setting up and getting ready to be invaded by the masses in the buildings and dorms.

Boston is a wonderful city with historic sites and cultural significance, but it’s really a big college town. In the metro area there are over 65 colleges and universities and when we hit “back to school” mode in the fall, some 250,000 students hit town. That’s a lot of students, most of whom don’t know where they’re going and are on their own for the first time. I’m starting to feel kind of old now as I watch the freshman explode onto campus, with generational differences in clothes, music, language, knowledge, and experience. But they are smart and motivated and ready to be launched if they are allowed to go. Our jobs are to support them as they learn even, providing a setting where it can happen and the tools they need to get results.

This is the calm before the storm. The summer is deadly quiet – it’s time to wake up and start moving again. The students bring energy with them and the city changes when they come. It’s a Good Thing.