Beware of nibbles

My WW leader Arlene sent me this – it’s worth sharing:

Baking cookiesAt the office:
One medium cookie….100-150 calories
One small candy cane…25 calories
Small piece of fudge..150 calories
One jelly donut…300 calories

In your kitchen:
One bite of cookie dough..50 calories
The cookie that didn’t fit in the tin…150 calories
A finger full of fudge batter..50 calories
The piece of candy that flows over the candy dish..100 calories
Licking the frosting spoon..60 calories

At the party:
One handful of peanuts..225 calories
One glass of eggnog..300 calories
Pate on a piece of cocktail bread..55 calories
Cheese on a cracker..55 calories
Handful of party mix..200 calories
Five potato chips with dip..130 calories
Six, hot hors d’oeuvres..500 calories
One whole deviled egg..150 calories

Points can really add up, so pay attention to what you put in your mouth.

Focus on being sociable, you don’t have to eat everything in sight just to have a good time. Practice saying “no thank you” at a party. Visualize yourself taking one item from the buffet, and then walking away.

Maintain your weight loss, it’s a shame to have to re-lose the weight you’ve already lost.
Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels.