Supernova Strikes Out

Crying faceMy summer passion, Rockstar:Supernova, annoyed me no end last night when my fav was eliminated.  Storm Large had THE best performances of the week with a stunning cover of “Suffragette City” by Bowie (which I’d never heard before), with Dave Navarro playing no less, and an amazing original tune, “Ladylike.”  I love her and wanted her to go the finals – she has class and talent and generosity of spirit, and can sing her heart out.  She really is not right for SuavePorn – she’s too good for them – but I was still really pissed off that they eliminated her.

And who did they keep?  Lukas who mumbled his way through an acoustic version of “Living on a Prayer” which I actually know but couldn’t understand, and an original that didn’t stick with me.  All I could think of was that he needed a haircut big time.  Magni I adore as well, great vocals and I can understand him, but he wasn’t particularly memorable this time.  I voted for him anyway, though.  And Toby had the prime spot at the end of the performance show with a cover song I didn’t know, and an original that was very catchy.  Even I was singing along and I don’t care.

And then there is Dilanananana.  Poor deluded Dilana. She has a great rock voice if you like that type – I don’t – but she is in a meltdown phase and can’t get over being victimized. The rest of us are past it but good lord, woman, let it go and show us what you’re made of. Instead she pulled a calf muscle but managed to hop around the stage on on leg or with crutches all decorated as though they were rejects from a RenFest. She looked like a troll who got into her mother’s makeup.  My jaw almost dropped because it was so awful.  And they STILL didn’t eliminate her.  I give up.

I really don’t care who wins this silly competition, though I actually looked at the tickets and saw that SN will be in MA in January.  Depending on who wins, I might go just so I can hear OB:House play because they are awesome, even when I can’t fully appreciate it because I’ve never heard of the song they’re playing.  We’ll see what happens next week.

I’m glad this is almost over.  I’m sick of Lukas and Dilana and tired of hearing the old rockers call everyone “dude” with every other breath.  I hopped on Amazon and ordered a copy of Zayra’s CD in Spanish after downloading her “Lluvia del mar” from iTunes; you can’t get the full Spanish CD there and that’s what I want, based on comments.  Now I need to get my hands on some Storm and Magni music and I’ll be a happy camper.