Fast food or good food fast?

Fast foodI had PT tonight after work and as usual I was really hungry as I drove home. It would have been soooo easy to stop and pick up something high-fat and high-caloric on the way; in the past I’ve been known to stop at the grocery store and pick up a package of eclairs (or two) and eat them and then feel sick. Not a smidge of protein in that meal.

Instead, I went home through the rain and ran into the kitchen at 7:30pm, far later than I like to eat dinner. By 7:45 I was warm and comfy in a robe and slippers and was eating a hot freshly mixed casserole.

The secret is preparation. I cooked on Sunday and had portion-controlled containers of 1/2 C. rice and 1C. meat sauce with ground turkey. I also roasted a big pan of fresh veggies including my new fave, baby portabella mushrooms. Yummmm. I’ve been spooning the veggies onto salads and into sandwiches, and I discovered that mixing them into the meat sauce and rice increased the volume and added lots of flavor. The microwave is a godsend for me and I use it all the time to reheat food, but it’s also great for steaming fresh veggies fast (2 minutes for broccoli, 3 1/2 min. for an ear of corn).

So instead of grabbing something fast and convenient, I held out for just a wee bit longer and had the reward of more satisfying food that tasted yummy and didn’t slow me down to prepare.

I had a real sandwich for lunch, with good bread, Dijonnaise, turkey ham, Alpine Lace cheese and tomatoes. And chocolate pudding for dessert. I had a new Kashi cereal for breakfast (high in fiber and protein and very tasty – not like eating twigs at all) with a banana. All and all today was day five of eating with careful satisfaction.