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It’s all in the cut


Old hair style - isn't it dated?I got my hair cut today and had my color “freshened” – a nice way to say the roots got touched up. The natural color is really brown with 70% or more gray and I don’t want to go back to that. I found this salon because they taught a local adult ed class on “Making The Most of Your Hair” which I took two years ago. At the time my style was frumpy and dated, curly from perms for 25 years, and vCurrent hair style - big improvement!ery gray. I looked my age and didn’t like it.

So I signed up for the class, thinking I had nothing to lose but a few hours and $40. It was sooooo worth it to go, though, and I learned about styles and shape and color and what they could do. So now instead of paying to make my gray hair curly, I pay to make my straight gray hair be blonde. It’s much nicer and has taken years off my appearance, even to my critical eye.

5 thoughts on “It’s all in the cut

  1. Oh. My. Goodness!

    What a tremendous difference two years and a hairdresser can make! You look mah-velous, dahlink …

    I used to have very long hair which I pulled up in a knot. My husband says I looked like a Mennonite woman without her cap. I guess he was too kind to say it at the time.

  2. I think there is easily 10-20 years of “difference” in the two pix – what a wonderful class.

  3. They looked like mother-daughter photos. This is my first visit to your site, and that’s what I thought– You look 20 years younger, and the “older” photo? She looks like she is very sweet, bakes a lot of cookies, and works at the Library. The younger one? she looks like she can dance.

  4. Hehehe … Dee, you hit me exactly! I was always very sweet, I did bake lots of cookies and ate a lot of what I baked, and I do work in the library. Right now I’m looking into salsa lessons instead of baking – just as soon as the knee can handle it!

  5. I wouldn’t have believed it was the same person if you hadn’t told us. You looked very sweet before, but you’re gorgeous now. Thanks for convincing me that I DON’T want to let my hair go gray. 🙂 Perms are an atrocity — I used to get them back in the 80s — the stink and the poodly effect that they give makes me wonder why they ever were so popular.

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