By the numbers

Weight Watcher ChickensI took my measurements again today, not my favorite thing to do, but still part of getting back to my routine. Back in the beginning, I did this once a month and doing so again is important. Didn’t see any changes in the numbers in a month but didn’t really expect to; what matters is that I’m tracking them.

This morning I went to the new Weight Watchers meeting for the second time and liked it. There were familiar faces this time and I was welcomed and had things to contribute as well as learn. And I lost a pound. That was a happy thing but I was mostly pleased that I had put seven days together of being on program, eating good food and feeling in control for the first sustained period in a long time.

When I came home, I pulled out my little WW book and updated the spreadsheet that I keep in Excel to track my total progress. I have eight of these little white membership books and it’s hard to really see the overall picture of what I’ve done. Right now my total weight loss is 63.8 lbs. I gained back 50 lbs from my grand total but I could easily have gained all of it back. That’s my pattern, I’ve done it before, and I was terrified that I would do it this time, too. I was hanging on by my fingernails – but I did it.

The numbers from before were just that: before. This is a new start and I’m counting from where I am now and the progress I make from this point. By the numbers, by the behavior changes, by how I feel. That’s what really matters.

One thought on “By the numbers

  1. Lori

    63.8!!! that’s fabulous!! I mean, like you said, you could regained it ALL back. I have many little white books from previous attempts, and that’s how it’s going to be, I suspect, if we’re going to be successful. Keep up the good work.

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