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Sleep deprived in Boston


I haven’t had a good solid night’s sleep in several weeks and it’s taking a toll. The last few weeks have been stressful ones for people I work with and supervise, and I have a tendency to take things on and not keep them at a distance. That’s part of it. But my knee has been a problem for me at night pretty much since I stopped taking the Percoset after surgery. When I roll over or even move much in my sleep, I jar it and the pain wakes me up. To be honest, it doesn’t take much.

King Tut in a CPAP maskA few years ago I went through a full-blown sleep study and was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I just thought I had insomnia caused by menopause; shows you what good diagnostic skills I have! Now I am a “hosehead” and have a BiPAP machine with a hose attached to a mask that looks like a gasmask to wear when I sleep to keep the air moving, so I don’t stop breathing and sleep.

Well, it’s not working so well.

The doctor gave me prescription sleep medication to take to “consolidate my sleep” and that worked for a while, but it’s not working now either. It hasn’t for a while, to be honest. Maybe the menopausal insomnia is creeping in, maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s the knee pain. I just know I’m tired a lot and tired of being tired.

Studies have shown that people who get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly lose weight more than those who barely grab enough, but I can’t remember when I got that much of uninterrupted sleep. It seems like such a luxury and makes me want to take one of those Percosets in the cabinet, just so I don’t hurt and sleep, but that wouldn’t be a good idea, much as the sleep is a lure.

No, meds are not the solution. I need to just get what sleep I can and talk to the doctor when I see him in a few weeks. And squirt lots of those eye drops that “get the red out”.

Image source and great resource: my Yahoo! Group for CPAP users

4 thoughts on “Sleep deprived in Boston

  1. Ideas that help me:
    hot packs down at my feet – these are the kid filled with some type of bean or grain that go in the microwave

    Side pillow – started sleeping with one when I was pregnant the first time (17 years ago) and have ever since – I can put a knee on it or put it against my back to lean against.

    FAN in corner (your apnea machine might do this already) for white noise

    clean sheets (often)

    extra blankets on my legs and feet – weight helps somehow – I grew up sleeping with CATS on my feet – so I think that is where this comes from 🙂

  2. It isn’t actually a KID filled with beans or grain but the KIND filled with beans or grain . . .

  3. Anne, maybe you should consider taking a percocette if your appointment is a while. One of my friends had terrible insomnia during her pregnancy and her doctor recommended Unisom and said it was safe for her. It PROBABLY is safe for you and it’s over the counter. But as I type this, this is probably not a good idea either. I had a hard time sleeping last night myself; I tried to fall asleep and remember good things from various situations and my mind either brought back reality or my mind said, oh, that’s never going to happen so I couldn’t console myself to sleep with happy or pleasant thoughts about the past or the future. I just told myself pretend, pretend, pretend that That Guy is going with you to the wedding and what a pleasant time you’ll have…I think I wore myself out to be honest.

    I think too much before going to bed; about the things I should be doing, the things that have happened, so I hope you don’t do that.

    LOVE the picture!

  4. the other thing you guys can do is get up in the wee hours to throw papers with a high school kid – NOW – when I have the chance to sleep – I usually CAN – used to have terrible troubles. We were just talking about this at the warehouse (rolling papers) yesterday – because I used to say, all the time when we first started, that it didn’t matter if I was THERE/awake in the middle of the night as I wouldn’t be sleeping anyway. When I worked – I was in management for a large company for years – and I did my correspondance between 3-4am almost every day. Then I would go back to sleep for a couple hours and then get up and go to work. I am sure there were some that never figured out I had a terminal at home (this was in the days before PC’s) and thought I went to work at 3am!

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