Driving while annoyed

Boston TrafficGrrrrrrrrr. There are construction projects all over the city and university that for some totally unknown reason they had to start the day the students came back and filled the streets with extra cars that don’t know where they’re going. Sidewalks are full of students who seem to think they can cross the street whenever they get there; waiting for a traffic signal or using a cross-walk is for sissies, apparently, given the number of people who dart into traffic or saunter across the street and stare insolently at drivers. Don’t they know we get points for students?

The worst is when people get off the trolley or bus and think they can cross just because they got there — hey, wake up! A public bus isn’t a bright yellow school bus and there are rules of the road that do not include stopping in everything to let you go just because you feel like it.

There is a great book called The Boston Driver’s Handbook: Wild in the Streets–The Almost Post Big Dig Edition that has been around for years in various incarnations. It accurately describes the bizarre habits of Boston drivers that have become the norm for me. Left turns from the right lane, cutting across traffic, the right way to go the wrong way on a one-way street, etc. There are some things I just can’t make myself do but I’ve come a long way.

Just keep me away from Cambridge. It’s just across the river but it might as well be another country. When I travel abroad, I take public transportation and Cambridge is no exception.