Cookie dough detour

Baking cookiesWhile at Costco on Sunday I bought a big tub of pre-mixed chocolate chip cookie dough. It was a bad idea at the time and I knew it, but I thought I would make them into cookies for the office – not that the office needs cookies either. What I really wanted was to just eat cookie dough. I can’t keep baking supplies in the house because then it’s way too easy to mix up a fresh batch of cookie dough and eat most of it. So I don’t have flour or sugar or anything. Noooooo, I just buy a big plastic tub of premade cookie dough.

Yesterday I restrained myself to a few spoonfuls which I savored and counted and felt virtuous that I only had a few of them. Today, however, I made dinner out of cookie dough and it wasn’t very balanced – although I did like the chocolate bits. I could have had salad but I didn’t want tunafish, I couldn’t STAND the idea of tunafish, and nothing else was handy. Except cookie dough.

It was a bad idea.

So when I felt a little bit stronger, I pulled out my new cookie pans (which I have only used to roast vegetables so far), and chopped out enough dough to make 2 trays worth of cookies. The rest of it went into the trash can and I quickly squirted lemon dishwashing liquid over it so I wouldn’t dig it out and eat it. Been there, done that before, and it feels horrible, so this is my solution to make sure I can’t do it again.

The cookies baked and, thank God, one tray of them burned. I don’t know if it was the new trays or the oven setting or what. But instead of the house smelling like yummy fresh chocolate chip cookies, it smells like burned ones, which doesn’t make me want to go eat them. I’m taking the ones that made it through the ordeal into the office tomorrow to give away so I don’t snarf them down myself and making a note to myself not to buy one of those tubs again any time soon. It’s not worth it.