Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Lose Weight

Top TenThis morning in my Weight Watchers meeting the topic was “Top Ten Reasons Why I Want I Want to Lose Weight.” Each of us was asked to write down our own ten reasons and we really had a hard time coming up with more than a few. Five would have been easy but ten made us have to look deep. The reasons that motivated us in the beginning aren’t the same ones that motivate us now. Things change, situations change, we change, and our reasons change, too.

But it’s important to take time time to think about why I want to lose weight now. Here are my top ten, in random order:

  1. I want to fit into clothes more easily.
  2. I want to feel better physically.
  3. I want to look more attractive.
  4. I want to have more energy and endurance.
  5. I want to be able to fit comfortably into a seat on an airplane.
  6. I want to lighten the load on my joints, especially my knees.
  7. I want to be happy.
  8. I want to have more self confidence.
  9. I want a better quality of life.
  10. I want to feel normal.

What are some of your reasons?