Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Daily inventory

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Writing in a diaryIn her blog yesterday, Frances posted her food for the day and answered her “end of the day questions.”  I forgot who suggested that she ask them of herself everyday – maybe her sponsor, maybe a therapist, maybe a friend, maybe she dreamed them up herself.

But they are good questions, they make you think about more than just obsessing about “why did I eat that donut?” Other things matter much more in the long run and these questions are good reminders. This inventory could help me from going off in a crazy direction and lose balance; it’s so easy to do. I’m going to try to ask them of myself and am putting them here so I don’t lose them again.

  1. What did I do today that I like and respect myself for?  (or: How did I behave better than I felt?)
  2. What did I do for someone else today?
  3. What happened today that I enjoyed and appreciated that had nothing to do with me?
  4. Where did I have problems today?  (or Where did I feel bad or negative today?)
  5. What am I proudest of today?
  6. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much close interaction did I have with people today?

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