Human barometer

BarometerSometimes I’m a human barometer with my head clogging up when the pressure changes, and the knee and other joints swelling up and getting sore when the air gets heavy with moisture, ready to rain or snow, depending on the season.

As today went on, it got grayer and heavier.  Even without going outside, I could feel myself starting to limp more and favoring my bad knee, which is having a rough time this week.  Going to physical therapy was not a happy thing.  They don’t call PT “Pain and Torture” for nothing and sometimes I think it just makes things worse.  It hurts to straighten and bend and there is really only one position that is comfortable – and it’s not one that I can sit in at work.  Too bad.

We’re expecting rain tonight and tomorrow and into the weekend.  Oh joy.  I’ll be walking around in it and getting some exercise, which is good, but walking at the pace of a snail compared with the others tomorrow when we go to the workshop down the street.  Yet one more opportunity to learn about performance appraisals, which is the topic of the month.

Sorry things have been so sparse lately but once I get past next Monday and a meeting down at Yale, things should get less crazy.