Assaulted before 9am

Obese Man and DoctorI haven’t even checked out of my hotel yet and I feel assaulted because I’m fat.  First there was an article in USA Today about obesity in college freshman (okay, I’m not a college freshman, but still the issue is there and hits home because I never did the right things when I actually was).

Then I went back to my room to finish packing up before checking out and was vaguely listening to the Today Show, which I never watch because I’m at work. They started a three-part series on “Living Large in America” on being obese in America.  We are such easy targets, so easy to talk about, such bad examples of what not to become.

But the medical realities are harsh and things I haven’t allowed myself to listen to for a while because they just underlined how much in trouble I was.  The pressure on the lungs, the enlarged heart, the added veins needed for every few pounds to keep the blood moving. What I hadn’t really thought about was that medical people don’t want to treat us because of the physical stress on their own bodies, not just mental dislike for being around fat people.  I don’t like what I heard, but I did hear it.

There is an interesting kind of scary video “Inside the Body of an Obese Person” up on the MSNBC website.  Watch it.  Then take a hard look at your food plan and take a step.

3 thoughts on “Assaulted before 9am

  1. Vickie

    You hear about people who have a vital organ attacked by a virus – my mom is one of those people and it attacked her heart.

    She was thin and fit and worked full time (RN). She is now on full disability at age 65.

    She is content with her life – but has to take things very easy. She watched movies, putters in the garden and cooks(on good days), reads lots of books, and does handwork.

    When I started my weightloss process – she kept having nightmares about what I might have done to my heart with my weight. I think it was heart (rather than diabetes or something else) because that is her own problem.

    She was just terrified for me.

    When she finally was able to communicate this to me – I said – “ask your cardiologist what tests I should have to know if everything is okay so that you can stop being scared for me”.

    So, I went in for a series of heart scans, blood work and chest x-rays – everything was very normal and very fine.

    And although I would NEVER have done this – if it were not for her fears – I am now so glad that I did – because I now know that everything IS the size it is supposed to be and I have NO blockages of any kind.

  2. Vickie

    I should have said “WATCHES movies, etc.”

    I made it sound like she has passed – and thankfully she is still with us and doing okay.

  3. I really hate the “war on obesity” because it makes it all seem like those of us who are carrying extra pounds just wouldn’t be such pigs, America would be safer. We live in a world set up to MAKE us overeat and underexercise, but we’re expected to effortlessly stay thin. So I think that if this is such a problem, changing this setup to give us a little help would be better than story after story about why it’s bad to be fat.

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