Ugly Betty

America Ferrera as Ugly BettyI am in love with Ugly Betty, the new ABC show based on a Colombian telenovela that’s already aired nine or ten times around the world in different languages. It’s a modern tale of the ugly duckling fairy tale starring the wonderful America Ferrera, who I first saw in “Real Women Have Curves,” a movie all of Us would appreciate for the celebration of self that it is.

Betty is a normal person in the crazy world of a fashion magazine office. She has a real life with friends and family, morals and intelligence. The characters are sharply drawn and involving even while the world of the office is truly bizarre much of the time; normal people just don’t live like that. But it’s fun to get a peek at it through Betty’s eyes, and to see them really notice her and not just make fun of who she is.

Most of the time TV shows keep me busy or get me annoyed or teach me something. I just really like this one. Betty is a normal person and I feel good when I watch her bloom by just being herself. There is a lesson there.

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