First slice

First slice

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Do you think 15 large pizzas are enough for lunch? That’s how many we got today for the celebratory lunch we had to send off our colleague Liz to her new job in NYC. I’m excited for her that she has a chance to step out and take this big leap into the future, following her career in a job she was so happy to get. But we will miss her sparkling personality and quick abilities.

Times are changing for us. Lots of staff turnover, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean shuffling workloads and extra stress while we cover for vacant positions and interview, hire and train new staff. I’ve been at this for a long time now and it goes in patterns. Sometimes we can go for months and even a year or two at a time without losing anyone and then wham! things change radically all at once.

Although it’s unsettling and a lot of work, it’s also a good opportunity to look at what we’re doing with fresh eyes and wonder why on earth we ever thought a procedure made any sense when a new person points out obvious inconsistencies. It’s easy to take things for granted and get complacent when life just goes on as usual.

Well, the weight loss journey is the same. We go coasting along and get lulled into thinking we know what we’re doing and we get overly comfortable where we are. So we don’t notice inconsistencies in how we are practicing our plan, living out what we say we are doing, until someone new points it out.

That doesn’t make it easy or comfortable and I, for one, don’t always react well to having it pointed out. Work is one thing; weight cuts a lot closer to the bone and makes me more vulnerable. But it’s one reason I changed my WW meeting to a different day and location, to shake up what I’m doing and the people I’m doing it with.

I can’t say I had a perfect day today but I did have only 2 slices of pizza and 3 cupcakes at lunch. And one little teeny slice of cake – but to be honest, I really liked the cupcakes more. Tomorrow will be harder, stuck here in the house in the pouring rain, but I’ll do my best.

Right now I’m just aiming for staying healthy and maintaining my weight while I deal with the extra stress of things in other places in my life. That is doable. Now if we can just get past the performance appraisals …