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Comfort food

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KFC logoThe KFC commercials for their “famous bowls” are driving me nuts.  How does something become “famous” when it is a new product?  I can see if if they were telling me to go buy their “famous crispy chicken” which I’ve heard about forever, but these bowls have only been around a short while and have been “famous” ever since they arrived.

And what’s in one of these bowls?  Mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn and loaded with bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken drizzled with gravy and topped off with a shredded three-cheese blend.  I guess one cheese wasn’t enough to make it famous.   This happy bowl has 720 calories, 65 gms of cholesterol, 32 gms of fat, and 81 gms of carbohydrates.  Yikes.  And it was just like Thanksgiving dinner all in a bowl, except without the stuffing or sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

The thing is,  I love all those things in the KFC bowl. I would probably love them all together, and it would be so easy to just say, oh, I’ll have a Famous Bowl.  Except I never go to KFC, but that’s a small point.   The ads make me want to go.  Ads for salad just don’t do the same thing for me. Mashed potatoes and corn and gravy and chicken in a nice bowl is comfort food and right now I could use some.

Instead I’ve been substituting chocolate fudge pudding yogurt as a comfort food today.  It’s not the same but it’s a lot better for me.

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