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Checkout script


Do all checkout clerks follow the same script? It’s more than one store, it’s all of them. They used to ask if I wanted Paper or Plastic but now they just assume it’s plastic and don’t even ask, which is annoying because I like to recycle bags and prefer paper. They don’t know how to pack the bags, either, and put cans on top of tomatoes or bread.

WalletBut most annoying is their insistance on bagging everything and then giving me my change, leaving me standing there trying to put it into the wallet while not clogging up the line. The faster I try to move, the more my hands turn into giant lumps without functioning fingers to separate bills or coins.

I know it didn’t used to be that way. Maybe it’s all an attempt to make me use plastic and not cash, though if I ask for cash back I end up with the same problem. It’s worse in the winter when I’m also trying to deal with gloves and things; summer is somehow a more relaxed time.

None of this really matters and I’m just being crabby. A clerk practically shoved my change at me tonight at the grocery store and glared when I didn’t immediately get out of the way of the next customer and I’m feeling residual annoyance.

4 thoughts on “Checkout script

  1. There is a midwest chain here where it is written in the employee handbook that they are not allowed to ask if you want paper or plastic – they give you plastic automatically because it is cheaper. They have the paper tucked out of sight so you don’t think to ask for it too.

    This same chain “cracks me up” – because they always ask “did you find everything all right?” – if you say “no” they don’t DO anything about it – they don’t go find it for you – they just ask. I RARELY go into this store – but every time I do and they ask their “everthing all right?” question – I always ask – “If I said NO – what would you do?” and it stops them in their tracks.

    The store I DO shop in – would do anything that you needed – if you needed someone to walk around and push your cart or reach things – they would. They would also drive something to your house if you forgot it. I once had a manager there offer to go to one of their other locations and buy a special sausage and drive it to my house – because they were out and I needed it for a recipe. I didn’t make him do it – but he WOULD have – gladly.

  2. I hate the way they hand you the grocery receipt on top of your money and change, so you have three items in your right hand palm which all need to be put in their proper place, and the person behind you is pushing you out of the way.

    Another annoying thing about the grocery store I buy at, is they use a different grocery cart to place bagged groceries in and I have to move my child out of the basket that she is in and put her into the basket with all the sacked groceries. Getting a toddler into and out of a grocery cart puts a lot of strain on my back.

  3. I hate the plastic bags but I usually take them. What I hate most is that the clerks seem to put each item in its own individual plastic bag, sometimes 2. If you ask for paper, since they’re used to plastic they still give you about 10 of them.

    Paper bags cost a nickel when I used to be a bagger, and the plastic ones cost less than a penny. But if you ever drive in rural areas, you see those stupid plastic bags blowing around like tumbleweeds in fields. I have several thousand plastic bags stuffed in the cupboards in my house because I am too guilty to throw them all away and too lazy to recycle them. And I don’t want to be the weird person who brings her own bags to the grocery store for a big order. I do tend to tell clerks “I don’t need a bag, thanks,” when I am shopping and buy just one thing I can slip in my tote. Anything to have a few less of the damned things in my house.

  4. I reuse my plastic bags for kitty litter stuff but if I didn’t, there are about 4 stores in town (including Food Lion) that accept plastic bags for recycling.

    No, my pet peeve are the self service ones…I’ve ranted about it on my own blog so I won’t waste time here.

    A long long ago on a frugal living newsgroup in usenet, one of the biggest and more controversial threads was boiled down to one thing. Some people (mostly guys) got very upset when the person in front of them watched the prices on the register instead of pulling out their checkbook and speeding it up for the rest of them. The original poster was adament and very angry about these people….so you never know what sets people off at the store.

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