Airport food

I’m in Chicago again, back like a pingpong ball.  I was just here 2 weeks ago for fun but this time it’s business for a packed three days.  One of my downfalls when I travel is my complete breakdown when it comes to food in the airport.  It happens every time; I know it and try to plan for and around it, but I can’t take things like yogurt and water with me through security anymore and it’s messed me up.  Not that I ever was in all that much control in the first place, mind you.

Today I ate my Vive cereal with a banana and milk before I left home but when I got to the airport, I ended up buying and eating a Boston Kreme donut even though I wasn’t all that hungry. I didn’t want an apple or a bottle of water, I wanted a donut and I bought one.  Well, I did get water, too.  I also bought a bag of M&Ms that I ate on the plane along with a little teeny bag of pretzels that basically served as my lunch.

I like to travel but I’ve gotten so I hate flying.  It’s hard for everyone now that the planes are completely full all the time.  When you factor in the major discomfort of being squished into a seat that’s too small for your size, plus the humiliation of having to ask for a seatbelt extension, and then spend the flight trying not to crowd the person sitting in the seat next to you, it’s not pleasant even when things go well.  I responded to my stress by getting a 3-point McDonald’s ice cream cone when I got to O’Hare.  There is no logic in this; it was comfort food, pure and simple.   And my reward for having survived the flight. I wish I was past the place where this was true but I’m not.

Dinner was Hungarian goulash with bread. I have absolutely no idea how to count it. We ate out in a little Bohemian restaurant in a strip mall that looked like a hole in the wall that had terrible service but very tasty food.  Somehow I thought goulash had noodles in it and this didn’t but it was still good and I ate all of it.

It was a terribly lopsided day foodwise.  Too many carbs and sweets, not enough protein, fruits or veggies.  Not as much water as I usually drink.  The travel day, especially when I’m off to a hotel, is difficult.  Tomorrow will be better – right?

2 thoughts on “Airport food

  1. Lori

    But you picked comfort foods that were low in points, fat (okay, maybe not the M&Ms but hey, nobody’s perfect). The goulash sounds delicious; I have no idea either how many points.

    Yes, tomorrow and today will be better!

  2. Airport food is the worst, you can never get anything healthy and it’s all really expensive. Plus, once you’re through security you’re STUCK there with nothing to do. I think you did pretty well considering.

    Hope you have fun in Chicago! >:)

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