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Night sight


Night sight and drivingMy eyes are getting old – I don’t quite understand how that happened.  But I’m having noticeable problems driving at night and when you add in steady rain, I can hardly see the lane markings at all.  That makes it hard for me to know where to point the car to keep from being hit by other people or to keep from hitting them.  It’s nerve-wracking.  Now that the clocks have changed, it’s dark before I leave the office at 5pm and I face this even in the commute, but there are so many people driving that I can “go with the flow” and it’s not usually a problem.

Tonight I came home at 10pm in the pouring rain on streets that were largely deserted, and it hit me with a wave of panic that I couldn’t see the lanes on the road.  I hate that it’s happening, that I feel insecure driving when I need the wheels to go where I need to go.  I just try and make sure I stay relatively close to home and familiar streets when twilight falls and when the rain, sleet, ice or snow starts up, I stay off the roads if I possibly can.  The daylight is manageable; it’s the dark that brings insecurity and discombobulation.

Somehow I don’t think it’s going to get easier as I get older.

3 thoughts on “Night sight

  1. Because it is your EYES and eye sight is so precious, I think that perhaps you should not assume this is just aging. I think that since it is a change, you need to get in to see an ophthalmologist (not an optometrist). If you do not have vision insurance – it still may be paid for as medical – because you are having a problem. If this is the case, no vision insurance, be sure to clearly state that you are having a problem when you make the call.

  2. Yikes, Anne, I agree with Vickie, get yourself checked out. And be careful!

  3. I actually did ask my opthamologist about this when I saw him last May, precisely because eyes are precious. He said basically I was getting older and that with age, people often/usually do have problems with night driving. I think one of the big issues for me is that the roads here are so badly marked. All that sand and salt used on roads covered with ice and snow in the winter wears down the painted lines. There doesn’t seem to be much I really can do except be sure I’m rested, have good wipers, and don’t speed.

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