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Practicing dinner

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Thanksgiving tableWe practiced Thanksgiving dinner today in my Weight Watchers meeting. Not with real food or even with plastic food, which would have been realistic but distracting. No, the table in the front of the room was covered with a white tablecloth and flowers in the middle as a centerpiece and we even had dinner music for atmosphere.

There was a pile of paper plates at one end of the table and little pieces of paper in piles around the sides, each representing a different food from a traditional Thanksgiving meal. There were way more foods than my family ever has, I can tell you that! We went up and picked up a plate and then selected little slips of paper for the meal that we planned to eat next week at our real Thanksgiving dinner.

Then armed with our plates full of paper food choices, our leader unveiled a list of the points values for everything. We wrote our food on our plates along with the points we were going to consume in the process and then chattered away about how much it ended up being. Even though we might end up eating variations of the portions or foods, this was a good exercise to practice and strategize.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner & Points Values:

1 slice turkey – 2 points
1/2 C. stuffing – 4 points
1/4 C. gravy – 2 points
1/4 C. Cranberry sauce – 2 points
1 C. Green beans – 0 points (but 5 pts if you eat green bean casserole)
1 C. salad – 0 pts (but add whatever points you’d use for dressing if you use it)
1 C. fruit salad – 2 points
Dinner roll – 3 points
1 large Sweet potato – 3 points
1/2 C. Mashed potato – 2 points
1 C. Winter squash – 1 point
1 slice pumpkin pie – 9 points
1 slice apple pie – 9 points
1 oz. mixed nuts – 4
Glass of wine – 3 points
Coffee or tea – 0 points

Realistically none of us is going to eat all of that stuff, not any more and not after seeing how many points it all works out to be! But there are strategies to use and recipe alterations that make foods more WW-friendly.

No matter how yummy something tastes, the last bite of it will taste the same as the first; it won’t get better. So I really don’t need to eat until I am so stuffed that I can’t move; there is no point to it and it won’t make me feel better about myself. There is nothing that will be at my table that I can’t find another time — except the people. So I’m going to focus on enjoying the company and remember the reason for the day, which isn’t to stuff my face.

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