WW on the road

Texas sunsetI’m still in Texas visiting family, taking an extended Thanksgiving visit, and missed my regular WW meeting yesterday.  But before leaving home, I checked the Weight Watchers website and found a meeting that I could attend here. In fact, it was so close that I walked over in about 10 minutes this morning, getting in some exercise on this dreary day as well as getting myself to a meeting to start the week.  It was a small group but very welcoming and I was pleased to see I’d lost 1.2 lbs even over the holiday while I wasn’t overly obsessed with what I was eating.

Following program when we’re at home and in our normal routine is hard enough.  Doing it on the road can present challenges.  I’m used to cooking for one and having only food around that I know won’t be dangerous for me (as in, no red light food).  But that doesn’t always work when we travel, especially when holidays are involved and there are things like pies in the kitchen and pecans fresh from the yard that are being cleaned.

But I’ve managed.  I’m getting sick of talking about food and WW and meal choices but I am going to have to deal with that the rest of my life.  I’ve been sick of it before and will be tired of it again.  At home I live alone and don’t have to talk about it quite as much as I do when I’m around people in such concentrated doses, seeing most for the first time in months.   I have my water bottle and am guzzling as much as I can stand because I really am thirsty a lot and am more willing to fill a craving with water first and not with something else, though I am willing to head for the something else if water doesn’t do it.

Today we walked our feet off looking at things at Walmart and Target, two huge stores bigger than what we have at home, and that got additional exercise.  Kind of balanced out the small fries with lunch but who’s counting?  I head home tomorrow and much as I love my family and have enjoyed the visit, I will be ready to get back to my “regular life” – though I will only be there for 36 hours before I head out again for another short trip.

It’s a good thing I’m getting better at making choices that feel like normal eating and less like being on a strange regime when so much flies out of my control.   Or I fly into a place where control is harder to hold on to.

One thought on “WW on the road

  1. Lori

    Congratulations on the loss! That’s really great. I understand how you feel about having to watch it and talking about it. But you’re doing a great job being on the road, with family, etc.

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