Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Friday night


Christmas tableIt’s late and I had too much wine and eggnog tonight – the spiked kind. I went to a holiday party as the guest of a friend and it was kinda weird to be there and not know a single person except her. But I can talk to a rock (especially with some wine in me) and managed to make some interesting connections with people we had dinner with and others of her colleagues through the evening. I restrained myself from the karaoke – no one there knew me so they wouldn’t care if I made a fool of myself, but I didn’t know many of the songs so there seemed no point.

By the time I got home I was really really tired and my feet hurt. I ate kind of weird stuff today. I had a bowl of Vive cereal with a banana for breakfast and a small bag of Nutter butter mini cookies for a snack. I know, it was stupid, but I wanted them and I ate them. Sigh. Lunch was a Panda Bowl from Panda Express, some kind of spiced up chicken thing on rice. The good thing about the bowls is that the portions don’t seem to be all that big. But I may be totally not seeing what they really are and deluding myself into thinking the bowls are smaller than the same stuff would be in a plate.

Dinner, besides the wine and eggnog (both of which were very good) included salmon, turkey, roasted root vegetables and cornbread stuffing. Hmmm. And something from the Tuscan table that I think was veggie lasagna but I’m not totally sure; it was a relatively small piece.  And then there was the fruit tarte thing. I was totally not paying any attention to eating appropriately. Well, not really. I always know when I’m not doing what Dutiful Anne knows she should be eating.  I did at least restrain myself and take small portions of the things I ate even if I did eat more of them than I really should have.  I could have done a lot worse.

But I haven’t done many parties and don’t plan to do that many so this one won’t kill me. Right now the wine has made me loopy and ready to sleep and that is a good thing; sleep has been difficult and anything that will help me into dreamland is to be savored. Tomorrow is another day and there are things to lug to the dumpster and recycling bins to clear up the place and make it look more normal and less crowded. And a birthday party, I think, but I can behave myself there.

I weigh in on Sunday morning – the new WW materials are being unveiled this week and this is my first glimpse at them. So tomorrow I’ll sleep in as long as I can (which wont’ be long, but anything after 6am seems like a luxury) because Sunday I’m up again early to get to the WW meeting. I could really use a vacation. Too bad I have to work over intersession, it would be perfect.

2 thoughts on “Friday night

  1. Be so glad that you went to your party!!!

    I (this sounds pathetic) do not have ONE holiday adult thing to attend. No parties, no openhouses, not one thing.

    The school christmas concert was this last week (middle child) and the school christmas play is this next week (youngest) and of course they are all kid stuff –

    so, you all do the best you can with temptations.

    Sometimes I wonder

    (when everyone tells me how good I am)

    if everyone realizes that much of the reason I am so “good” is that I really have NO temptations – because I am NOT out there anywhere . . .

  2. I’m glad you had a good time and hopefully you will have some more parties and fun times. It’s hard with temptations. I was reading SOMEWHERE about some good healthy things to get from Panda Express. I think you did a great job with resisting temptation; progress is progress!

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