Off for the holidays

ElfI’m off in an hour or so, heading to New York state to spend Christmas with friends.  I was with my family over Thanksgiving but I’ve learned over the years that my family is bigger than just those related to me by blood or marriage.  Family includes the people we choose to consider family – why limit myself to the small nuclear family that lives half a country away?  I’m delighted that Dee and Gary are welcoming me to their home to share this day.

The presents are in the car; I loaded them up earlier before the rain came so the pretty colors on the paper wouldn’t get all weird.  I still have to pack but I’m good at doing it and keep a little travel kit pre-stocked that I can just throw in with some clothes and my camera.  This is a low-key visit; my instructions were NOT to dress fancy, which is fine with me.  It also makes packing easier.

I’m feeling a little hung over from having slept for 11 hours last night.  I gave myself permission to sleep until I woke up, something I rarely get to do, but I had no idea that would be the result.  Obviously I’ve been more sleep-deprived than I thought, and I knew I was having problems.  Driving makes me sleepy so I have to be sure I pace myself, have plenty to drink, and listen to peppy tunes.

May you all have a relaxed and happy holiday.  Give yourselves the gift of time to not race through everything but to really enjoy yourselves and the people you are with.  Cameras will be everywhere and pictures taken to capture memories.  Don’t be afraid to be in those pictures!  You are loved and wanted because of who you are right this minute, not just when you’ve lost the weight you want to lose.  So smile and allow yourselves to be included in shots with those you care about.

Merry Christmas!