Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

Day One


January FirstI started the day by getting enough sleep, waking up when my body said it was time and not with a clock.   Yayy – the last day I can do that since I go back to work tomorrow.   As a result I woke up rested and not groggy, even if I was cold.  The heat patterns in my apartment are a little weird.

All of my food was measured and written down and I stayed within my points, eating only one flex point.  I’m a big person and I get a lot of points, which is good.  But clearly I’ve been eating at least twice as many as I should have before I got a grip.

Breakfast was a bowl of Kashi Vive cereal with a banana and fat free milk.  I love this graham-and-vanilla tasty cereal that’s full of fiber, and try to have it every other day to help keep my system in order.  Lunch was a bowl of homemade vegetable beef (ground turkey) and rice soup, an apple, some Kashi crackers, and 2 wedges of lite Laughing Cow Cheese.  For a snack I had a cold serving of my sweet potato and apple casserole.  Dinner was a grilled beef patty on the George Foreman, a small sweet potato, 2 cups of steamed vegetables with water chestnuts, and chocolate pudding yogurt.

It’s often hard to be home and eating instead of at work so I was glad to see that I could stick to what I had decided I would eat today.  The gym was closed for New Year’s Day and it was pouring rain so I opted not to go for a walk.  Not that I would melt but I just didn’t feel like doing it.  My bag is packed and ready to go tomorrow, though.  I have dates with myself to work out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Friday I will be off doing car things and depending on how the timing of that goes, I should be able to get some other kind of workout in.

I want to go get some of those weights that have 1/2 lb. rods that fit into little pockets and are strapped on with velcro.  I used them in PT for my knee and think that having a set at home would be helpful for keeping up with those exercises as well as doing other things as well.  I’ve been thinking about getting some resistance bands as well but I’ve had them before and haven’t done anything with them so maybe I’ll hold off on those until I’m back into a strength training routine. 

Today was a good day.  I opted not to go to an open house party I’d been invited to because I knew the whole focus would be food and since this was Day One of getting myself back on track, I decided that was more important than going to a party in the rain simply to eat.  I spent a lot of time working on a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that I finished up this afternoon, editing some web stuff for a project I’m working on, and am getting ready to relax and maybe – gasp – read for a little while.

3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Glad you got a good start to the new year! I figure my new year will officially start tomorrow….

  2. I can’t remember if I have mentioned this before – my mother’s husband had lots of PT – she made note cards with all the exercises on them (divided into different sets for each card) and has them taped all over the house.

    He has sets he does in bed in am and pm (laying down ones).

    Sets he does while waiting for the coffee pot (holding the kitchen counter ones).

    And sets he does at the kitchen table (sitting down ones).

    They are HOME – and he is at all those places (several times a day) and does his reps several times a day at each “station”. It is amazing – what that little bit – several times a day has done for his strength and mobility.

    JuJu talks about doing this same thing AT WORK – at her desk – in the bathroom – stairwell – outside brisk walk. While others take a coffee or smoke break – she can use the same 5-7 minutes and get a little mini-workout in – several times a day – she commented that it was great for helping her stay alert and focused during the day.

  3. You really did do a great job on your first day. It’s hard for me to be at home in some ways (too many temptations I suppose) and in other ways, I don’t pay attention to the clock and eat when it’s noon.

    I like the idea of the weights and tonight I go back to the gym. Let’s hope it’s not too crowded for either of us! Keep up the good work!

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