Almond studded hodge podge

Bowl of almondsI’m not going to list all my food today but trust me, I stayed within my points. It’s just getting a little old to write it here and on my written journal and also in the online tracker, which I’m really liking a lot. I added in almonds today. I’d love them more if they were covered with chocolate or salted, but simple roasted almonds pack a lot of flavor, protein, and good fats, and they do seem to keep me from feeling starving. I spaced them out at two different times in the day with yogurt, and it made a nice little mini-meal.

Go check out the Almonds Are In website for all sorts of cool factoids about these little gems, including why you should eat them even if they’re not covered in chocolate. Also be sure to fill out the little survey and request your own free 1-oz tin of almonds. We can all have matching portion-controlled tins to carry our almonds around with us! Hurry while supplies last.

I went to the gym again after work and did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I’m not sure which is the bigger accomplishment, going to the gym or actually leaving the office at 5pm! On Saturday I have my appointment with the personal trainer, someone I’ve worked with before and who was happy to be matched up with me for this refresher.

Tonight I roasted peppers and onions to use on salads and in other dishes, made a pan of sweet and sour red cabbage and apples to eat later, and played with the etools Recipe Builder (login required) to convert recipes and find points values. It’s a bit clunky but it does work and it’s a lot easier than looking everything up and calculating it individually. I especially like swapping out ingredients or adjusting the number of portions and seeing what that does to the points. I’ve obviously been under-utilizing this particular resource but not anymore. If you have a monthly WW pass, you should be using it!