Friday roundup

RoundupI took today off from work – a shock, I know, since I seem to be there every waking moment including holidays.  I used one of my comp days earned from working over Intersession to take my car in to the Saturn place.  That may not sound very relaxing but to someone who sits at a computer almost all day and has to troubleshoot problems for hours, sitting in a waiting room drinking water and reading was a real treat.

The downside was that I spent $800 on the car, but since it’s fully paid for and has been for 3 years, I’m not complaining.  Half of that was to repair a problem with the exhaust system and a few other little service things.  But the real reason I brought the car in was to get a new radio installed, one with an iPod dock.  Now I can play my tunes and homemade CD’s as I run around – and podcasts and all those other cool things.  I’m really psyched.  Getting the new radio was a Christmas present to myself.  Now I just have to learn how to use the new buttons and the remote control.

Food today was a bit odd.  I stayed within my points but I can’t say the day was very balanced.  I didn’t know how long I would need to wait at the car place and had to be prepared for it to be up to 6 hours, so I ate a good breakfast and brougnt portable things with me – string cheese, clementines, and a Snickers Marathon bar (no, not candy – like a Powerbar but better tasting).  Lots of protein but 5 points worth and it was gone fast.  I had a good dinner planned (chicken, sweet potato, broccoli) but the rest of the day was sort of catch as catch can.

No exercise today other than lots of trips up and down the stairs with groceries and doing laundry, which is in another building.  Tho I did get some Velcro ankle weights and did some leg extensions as a follow up from my knee PT.  It’s not quite enough, though.  Tomorrow I go see the personal trainer and should have a better idea what kind of exercise I can really do so I can build a regular routine.  The T’ai Chi class is on Tuesday.

I feel a little as though this week has just picked up steam as it went along.  I started out just wanting to be resolved and then things kept adding on. But not in a bad way, more in a purposeful one.  I’m recognizing myself, the me that did this before.  It feels good.