Wax on, wax off

Car waxTemperature records were shattered here today when it got up to 68 – totally unbelievable for Boston in January. JANUARY. We are supposed to be having snow and be wearing layers with mittens, hats, scarves, and bulky coats. Instead I was outside in a long-sleeve tee shirt, waxing my car. Don’t ask me why this seemed like a good idea for today, it just did.

I went to the car wash after my trip to the gym this morning (more on that below), then picked up some car wax at Walgreens, and came home and started work. It took me an hour and I think I’m going to be really sore tomorrow but the car is all shiny. I kept hearing Mr. Miagi giving me “Wax on, Wax off” directions and half-expected to find myself facing a karate opponent when I was done. My arms were so tired that I was glad I only saw golfers through the fence instead.

This morning was my personal trainer appointment, which went better than I expected. I’ve talked with the trainer before and know she’s nice but somehow I was braced to be berated for being so out of shape. Instead, she made it clear that I really was doing very well and knew a tremendous amount about my body and correct stretches and exercises to do that were safe. So I got confirmation that I was doing good things and should be proud of my accomplishments.

We spent most of the time figuring out gym-equivalents for the lower-body things I was doing in physical therapy, along with some good stretches to do throughout the day while at work — too much computer time is making a bunch of things tighten up. She also showed me some cardio options to all-treadmill, all the time, which is what I’ve been doing. Instead, I’m doing to start with the recumbent bike (which I hadn’t even found amid all the other equipment) for about 10 minutes, then 5 minutes or so on elliptical, and then treadmill. I can build up on elliptical but she said most people overdo when they start and then don’t want to go back. I’m just looking for options and it will make my cardio time more interesting and more effective.

Our gym has strength training split into two areas, the machines on one side and free weights and more do-it-yourself zone on the other side. I’ll use the machines for upper body work and mostly do the lower body and back things on the do-it-yourself side using free weights and the stability ball. And I have a bunch of stretches to do at home which will help a lot. Stretching is something I tend to under emphasize even though I know it’s really important.

I’m hoping to see the trainer again in a month or so. I’ve never met with one regularly but think that it would be worth the investment to make sure I’m on track.

After the session, I used the shower and hot tub (yayy!) and treated myself to lunch in the little cafe/juice bar. I’ve done this before and had an idea what might be offered, so planned my meals accordingly. Breakfast was substantial: steelcut oatmeal with a banana and a cup of fat free milk. For lunch I had a bag of soy crisps (instead of the Sun Chips I originally picked up – 1/2 the calories and sodium) and a chicken quesadilla wrap, made with a tomato tortilla, chicken, cheddar cheese, avocado, black beans, mango pieces, and salsa. It was extremely satisfying. Dinner will be salad to make up for it.

I weigh in tomorrow and feel good about how the week has gone, no matter what the scale says. I’ve been eating well, tracking my food using e-tools, and exercising. It’s a good place to be.