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I Love My Microwave

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MicrowaveWhat else can I say? I came in from the gym after work, hungry and impatient to eat something. Thanks to my preplanning (pasta and meat sauce yesterday divided into 6 portions), dinner was ready in 3.5 minutes. Voila! Hot and steaming yummy healthy dinner that I can eat while my leg is up with a bag of frozen peas on my knee, instead of having to stand up in the kitchen for a long time (hard on the knee) fixing something healthy or eating something crappy just to eat fast. And the microwave was only $35 at Walmart when I bought it 3 years ago – barely more than my toaster was!

Twenty plus years ago when I got my first microwave, I took an adult ed class to learn how to use it. Oh, I could reheat things. But this class was amazing. Taught by someone at the County Extension Office, we learned how to bake cookies, roast chicken, cook multiple things at the same time — all before Lean Cuisine or microwave cookware was invented. I never actually did that much cooking from scratch in my m’wave – still don’t – and no longer feel guilty for mostly using it to heat things up, steam veggies, bake apples, or cook rice or couscous. I don’t bake cookies anyway and use the crockpot for lots of stuff. It’s still indispensable. Besides, how else do you make microwave popcorn?

I managed 40 minutes of cardio at the gym today, 7.5 min. of bike, 2.5 min. of elliptical, and 30 min. of treadmill. The plan was to do the elliptical before the treadmill but the place was filling up and I was afraid all the treadmills would be busy with long-distance runner types by the time I got to it. So I did the elliptical at the end. I need to find a better way to do this, though obviously doing it in the middle was what I should have done. Duh.

Getting on and off the machines is difficult. Not just getting my legs up and over and in position – the machines are just too close together for large people to actually get between and on. The only way I could use the bike and the elliptical I used today was because no one was on the machine next time – which is not usual for the post-work time slot. I was seriously annoyed because it limits me, really, to having to use the machines on the end of the row. I felt fat and uncoordinated trying to “slip” between the equipment and get gracefully on. Ha. It makes me want to just use the treadmill; I know how to do that without looking or feeling stupid.

I didn’t venture downstairs to the strength training area, although I had an internal debate about it. My knee was not happy by the time I finished my little bitty time on the elliptical so I decided to skip downstairs today, though I feel a little wimpy doing it. However, 40 minutes of cardio is more than I usually get so I have nothing to feel bad about. Except the need for peas on the knee.

My irritated eye continues to irritate today, in spite of frequent applications of fancy expensive artificial tears. So on Lori‘s prompting, and because she was right, I made an appointment with my ophthalmologist, getting an emergency slot tomorrow. I’m actually shocked that I’m getting in to see him that quickly, though I was pretty sure they’d find someone – it’s a big practice in a busy diabetes center, which has a large opthalmology service, so there are lots of doctors around. I’m just hoping I don’t end up with yellow-stained eyes and a big patch. It could look dashing but mess me up at T’ai Chi – they might not want me to even do it if I look injured, and now that I signed up for it, I’m determined to go.

Food was good today 🙂 Breakfast was Vive cereal with strawberries and FF milk. My morning snack was yogurt with fruit and 10 almonds. Lunch was my usual salad with chicken (and black bean/corn salsa, roasted veggies, tomato, blue cheese, and craisins) and 15 Kashi crackers. Afternoon snack was 2 small clementines and 10 more almonds. Dinner was pasta with meat sauce and chocolate fudge pudding. I’m full, happy, and within my points.

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